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Looking for a soul mate?   You're not alone.   Ninety-eight percent of those interviewed in a recent Gallop Poll said that it was important to them to marry their soul mate.   Eight-eight percent said, "there is a special person, a soul mate, waiting for you somewhere out there". And 87% were confident that they would find their soul mate when they were ready for marriage.

Q.  Is there really such a thing as one person in the world who matches and complements you perfectly-like Cinderella's slipper?

A. Yes, shockingly true. Every soul has its twin, not identical, but complementary. Our twin soul holds traits and qualities that summon up our more hidden potentials, pointing us to a reflection of wholeness, the balance of masculine and feminine traits. Even if we don't think our Divine Complement fits perfectly into our lives, they fit perfectly within our hearts.

There is every possibility that you can have a soulful and complementary relationship with someone else, fall in love, bond in friendship and be happy, but there is only one person who was born to be with you.

Q.  How will I recognize my Divine Complement when I find them?

A. When we meet our twin it can be 'love at first spark', igniting the soul’s memory to the eternal connection.   Some will need a stretch of time to warm up to each other, while others will fail to recognize their ultimate mate thinking they can do better. Most couples I interviewed said they just knew.   A strong feeling and intuition erupted from deep within that confirmed the connection.  Dreams, synchronicity and magical happenstance can also authenticate your soulmate. Messages may arrive in magical and mysterious ways to verify your soul mate’s identity. Pay attention to the signs.

Your Divine Complement may not look like your ideal, hold the same values or outlook on life, but the reflection of these differences will help you both grow psychologically and spiritually. You may have to dump your conditioning to embrace your twin and heal wounds that may keep them at arms distance. Value who they are not what you think.

Q.  Why does my search for a soulmate seem as difficult as the quest for Holy Grail? I fear I will never find them?

Quest for the 'Real Thing', a divine partnership that not only fulfills you, but spiritually evolves you. There is a divine dimension to soulmate relationships, beyond the five senses and creates the divine timing for a soulmate reunion.

A mysterious signature is contained in everyone’s hearts uniting them with their twin.  A synergy is created out of this signature that will  eventually unite them.  This signature is like the Holy Grail, because it not only links us to our twin, it also unifies us with God.  Our search for the Holy Grail begins with our hearts open to welcome our Divine Complement home.  Some will have to pave the way by preparing their hearts, letting go of past relationships and the grief that keeps them stuck. By working on yourself you are creating room in your heart for your twin.

Q. How can two people so opposite be meant for each other?

A. Opposites not only attract, they can blend.   Blending opposite traits and talents can reward a relationship with accomplishment. The psychological task for Divine Complements is to appreciate the complementary traits of one another, because they offer you a glimpse of your own greater potentials.   Through the constant reflection of your Divine Complement you touch a more unified intelligence--your wholeness.

Q. Can an online profile and compatibility test really produce a Divine Complement?

A. Sizing up a partner sounds rational to a lot of people.  But to the soul and spirit it's a big mistake. Therefore, the answer is not likely. God has his/her own test.   The real test is whether one can surrender to their destiny and embrace each test of love that comes their way as a spiritual opportunity to love more. 

Q.  Why do matches made in heaven too often crash land on earth?

A. For that matter why do some never get off the ground?   The reasons are many, but psychological unreadiness and a lack of spiritual maturity have a lot to do with it.   'Meant-to-be' doesn't mean the same thing as 'meant-to-happen'.    .

Q.  The truth:   Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene really twin souls and where is the evidence?

A. Yes. There is plenty of evidence within the historical narrative of the gospels to point to the likelihood of a dynastic marriage. Mary's devotion and companionship is central.   By dispelling the 'myths' of Orthodox Christianity about Jesus' marital status and his divine purpose on earth, we can begin to embrace the true story. A mythological blueprint of Jesus and Mary Magdalene's mutual destiny was the Hellenistic myth of Adonis and Aphrodite. In the book, I draw important parallels between their lives and the mythological elements of the story of Adonis and his consort demonstrating how critical their mythology is to understanding their real lives, psychological dilemmas, and destiny.

Q.  What's the deeper meaning and higher purpose to soul mate relationships?

A. 'To Love' is the highest purpose. The problem lies in the fact that love is put to the test daily. There are spiritual, psychological and human lessons to learn in every relationship and how you approach each lesson will determine how far you evolve. It will also determine how content you are as a couple. One little talked about purpose is that we must redeem ourselves from past life karma. The times when we failed miserably at fulfilling our promises to our twin must be balanced with loving choices in this life. 

Q.  Is there such a thing as a second chance if all isn't 'happily ever after' the first time?

A.   Sure.   I interviewed many Divine Complements for the book who met early on and for one reason or another failed their first tests and drifted apart. A few couples married someone else, raised kids, and either divorced or their mate died before they re-united for a second chance with their soul mate. Their reunions were always described as 'meant-to-be' and in most instances they believed they were soul mates.

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