Mary  Magdalene



Facts about the legacy of Jesus and Mary Magdalene from the book.....

  1.   Hidden symbolic clues prove Jesus and Mary were twin souls with a mutual   destiny.

  2.   Mary's name, meaning "myrrh of the sea," points to her mythological      counterpart--Aphrodite.

  3.   Mary was a Hassmonean (House of Aaron).

  4.   Jesus and Mary Magdalene's marriage was a dynastic one, arranged to forge     a tighter bond between two families-- the House of Judah and the House of Aaron.

  5.   The Adonis & Aphrodite myth prophesized Jesus and Mary's incarnations 300 years before their birth.

  6.   Mythological clues point to Jesus's birth sign in Aries.

  7.   Jesus taught his disciples a mysterious initiation of the Bridal Chamber.

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